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Not a candle like a candle

01.01.2010 00:00 Přírodní kosmetika

And because we want them to serve you as long and as well as possible, we have to make sure that you are properly familiar with them. Natava scented candles are made of soy wax and have a wooden wick. This in itself is a guarantee that they are not as harmful to your health as traditional paraffin candles and that they can serve you significantly longer. However, it is important to take proper care of them, which is why we are writing these lines to you.

Even the first lighting of the candle matters

Kosmetická péče

The wooden wick may be a little troublesome at first. Lighting it for the first time sometimes takes a little more work. We therefore recommend using a larger match or lighter. This will provide a steadier and stronger flame, which is necessary to light the full width of the wick. The ideal position for lighting is with the candle lying flat with the wick perpendicular to the ground. If it doesn't work right the first time, or the flame goes out after a while, don't give up and light it again.You will be rewarded for your efforts with an elegantly flickering and crackling flame that creates the right atmosphere.
Be sure to let the candle burn at least long enough to gradually melt the top layer of wax right up to the glass. This will prevent forming a crater in the middle of the candle, which would obstruct the wax from melting evenly in the future. 

Wick care

The optimal length of a wooden wick is approximately 3-5 mm. Before each lighting, you can simply break off the excess length with your fingers, clip it with pliers or trim it. We also recommend, for example, using a paper handkerchief to remove the blackened surface of the wick. This will prevent unwanted smoking of the candle and complications during the next lighting.

Lighting time

Tuhý šampon

The ideal time is between 1-4 hours. The minimum time is to make sure that you always melt the wax over its entire width, as described above. And the maximum one is based on our experience and is determined with regard to the candle's longevity, safety of use and also the ideal experience. Even after the flame is extinguished, the room remains filled with pleasant scents for a long time. The wax slowly hardens again and the loss of wax is considerably less than with conventional candles.

Flame and it's extinguishing

The wooden wick burns with a pleasant crackling accompanied by a flame whose intensity depends not only on the length and width of the wick, but also on the humidity and airiness of the room. Don't be alarmed if your candle doesn't have a full-blown campfire. Even a small flame has enough power to melt a whole layer of wax. If you like to blow out candles, you can of course do so with the ones from Natawa. But there's a more practical option, too, and that's extinguishing with a designer lid. When you put the lid on, the candle is extinguished almost instantly due to the lack of oxygen, and you also secure your home from spilling out the melted wax. Two birds with one stone!

Something has gone wrong

In an unguarded moment your child extinguished the candle, or you were in a hurry to leave the house, you extinguished the candle before the whole layer melted, just for some reason an unwanted and wax-wasting pit had already formed in the middle of the candle? This situation can also be solved. The strength of the wick ensures a higher temperature, so there is still hope that the next burn will melt the wax down to the glass. And if the intensity of the flame is not enough, try scraping the heated wax from the sides closer to the wick with a wooden spatula. The candle is rescued and you can keep enjoying the scented wellbeing.  

A few more words and a short video

It may seem complicated at first, but once you get used to our soy candles, you'll find that you will never buy other. When handled properly, the candle will give you up to 40 hours of healthy burning time in total. If anything is unclear to you, or you miss your favorite scent, email us at info@natava.cz and we'll be happy to answer your questions and gather inspiration for new scents...